Thank you again to everyone for making our recentFlash Sale for Charitya success!基姆和史葛黄砖房),Kyla (嘻哈之家),而我,along with a team of volunteers and raffle prize sponsors were able to raise almost $4000 in just a few hours thanks to you lovely people coming out to shop and show your support.The money has all been split evenly between住房远期,CRISP,and杰克逊机会.

Flash Sale for Charity
Flash Sale for Charity Chicago
Pups Shop!
Flash Sale for Charity

As we were setting up (in the beautiful studio ofGoochToo,photographed here byDaniel Peter),我一直环顾着我们为这次拍卖收集的所有东西,比如“哦,太酷了,wait,that too!"人们得到了一些惊人的发现。There were a few pieces I was particularly attached to,but it felt good to see them go off with excited new owners,知道筹集的现金都是出于正当理由。

Items for Sale at Our Flash Sale for Charity

我们有一个DJ,the sweetest pup (looking for a home and available throughOne Tail at a Time),咖啡来自Grounds and Hounds Coffee公司It was a winning combination that kept everyone going and having fun!

DJs and Dogs
Coffee from Grounds and Hounds


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Raffle Partners for Our Flash Sale for Charity

Eleanor volunteered with us and drew the winners' names.

Choosing Raffle Winners at Our Flash Sale for Charity
Fun at Our Flash Sale

A good time for a good cause was had by all!What do you think,Chicago,should we all do it again sometime?

Sources & Paint Colors 需要设计帮助?Let's work together.



  • 答复
    April 22,2019点:下午3点20分

    do it again,yes.Next time maybe online,too.

  • 答复
    Kayla aka Kilo Bravo

    I love that you guys did this!听起来很有趣,筹集一些资金,让努力工作的NFP意识到这是一个多么好的方法。

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